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Let me introduce myself

I am a Web Developer with a true passion for development. I always like to keep myself updated and I love creating new things. I have several certifications, among which a Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development Specialization at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Coursera and I have several Tracks from Team Treehouse that you can see on my Certifications section.

So... what do I do?

Front End Web Development

Part that users interact with. Is everything you see when navigating on the Internet.

Mobile App Development

Development of an app for mobile devices.

Back End Development

Makes the front end of a website possible. Is where the data is stored.

Skills and technologies

Below you can see the technologies that I work with. I also use Github as a Version Control System: @dorinam.

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Front End

Javascript & jQuery
Material Design UI
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Back End


My Portfolio

Take a look at my latest projects.

Translation & Subtitling

Translator Website

Translation & Subtitling website built with: HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome, Javascript, jQuery, Popper, PHP and Node.js.

Built with:

Los Mirlos & El Cauce

Country Cottages

Website with reservation form for 2 country cottages in Navaluenga, Spain built with: Bootstrap, FA, Material Design, Javascript, jQuery, Popper, PHP & Node.js.

Built with:


Course Bay

Website with customized Google search engine built with: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome, Javascript, jQuery, Popper, PHP and Node.js.

Built with:

Full Stack


With User Authentication: MongoDB, Mongoose, Node.js, NPM, Nodemon, Bcrypt, Mongoose, Express, Bcrypt, Body-parser, Pug & MongoStore.

Built with:

Landing Page


Product Landing Page Website built with: HTML5, CSS3, Angular CLI, Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome, Node.js and Material Design UI.

Built with:


To-Do App

Productivity Web application built with: HTML5, CSS3, Angular CLI, Node.js and Material Design UI that allows the user to add tasks.

Built with:


Address Book

Command line program (address book) built with: Ruby that allows you to find people by their name, phone number or address.

Built with:


Four in Row Game

Four in a row game made by Dorina Mihai with Treehouse and built with Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS 3. Very entertaining and fun to play!

Built with:


Nativescript App

NativeScript To-do Application built with Nativescript, Node.js and Visual Studio Code that lets you add tasks and organize yourself.

Built with:

Bitcoin Collector Browser Game

Play with my Bitcoin Collector Browser Game for PC!

Bitcoin Collector Browser Game for PC

Made with Javascript and Phaser

This is a browser game for PC that I made with Javascript and Phaser.
Instructions: Use left and right arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump!
I recommend to make the browser window full screen by pressing F11 key to enjoy the best gaming experience.

Easy-Todo App with Javascript

Test my new app!

Take notes

Having great notes can reduce stress and keep you on task. Taking notes serves one simple purpose: to help you remember things.

Organize your thoughts

Organizing your thoughts is not that difficult. It only requires a few minutes a day and a very simple tool.

Make lists

Crafting a flawless list is an art, but you can easily become an expert. To-do lists can be very helpful.

Simplify Tasks

Take all your complex tasks and problems and convert them into smaller and less complex ones. Write them down.

Shopping lists

Compile a shopping list of groceries to purchase on the next visit to the grocery store or do the list while you're shopping.

Boost productivity

Taking notes can really boost your productivity, relieves stress and improves the quality of everything you do.

Contact me

Interested in working together? Reach out to me and I'll respond as soon as I can.
I'm here to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

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