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So... what do I have?

Let me tell you about my certifications and training in Tech. I have Official Studies in Web development: Markup Languages and Information Management Systems and Development Environments, besides other specializations and certifications. You can take a look at them below.

Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development Specialization - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This specialization is designed to build Complete Web and Hybrid Mobile Solutions and master front-end web, hybrid mobile app and server-side development in five courses:

  • Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4
  • Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular
  • Multiplatform Mobile App Development with Web Technologies: Ionic and Cordova
  • Multiplatform Mobile App Development with NativeScript
  • Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB
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Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft online training provided by world-class experts.

  • Visual Studio 2017 - Web development
  • Learn to program in Java - 2017
  • Deploying Linux VMs on Microsoft Azure - 2017
  • Hybrid Cloud Websites - 2016
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 - 2017
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MiriadaX in collaboration with Universitas Telefonica and University Politecnica Madrid
  • App Development with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Android & iOS (50 hours) - 2018: University Politecnica Madrid
  • Software projects management with Git and Github (24 hours) - 2018: University Politecnica Madrid.
  • Creating Apps. Learning to program mobile apps (30 hours) - 2017: Universitas Telefonica.
  • Introduction to programming (30 h) - 2017: Universitas Telefonica.
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Google Activate Certifications

Google in colaboration with the International Economy Institute

  • Web Development part 1 (40 hours) - 2017
  • Web Development part 2 (40 hours) - 2017
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Ruby Track at Team Treehouse

Ruby is a popular programming language used for everything from command line programs to large scale web applications.

  • Ruby Basics
  • Ruby Collections. Ruby Loops.
  • Ruby Objects and Classes
  • Build an Address Book in Ruby
  • Ruby Modules. Ruby Enumerables.
  • Ruby Core and Standard Library
  • Ruby Blocks. Ruby Gems
  • Building Web Apps with Sinatra
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Other Team Treehouse Tracks
  • Full Stack Javascript (53 hours)
  • Front End Web Development (59 hours)
  • Development with Wordpress (15 hours)
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Free Code Camp

FreeCodeCamp offers 6 verified web development certificates. Each certification has 5 required projects. Once you earn all 6 certificates, freeCodeCamp awards you with the Full Stack Development Certificate that signifies that you’ve completed 1,800 hours of coding.

  • Responsive Web Design (300 hours)
  • Currently... JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures (300 hours)
  • Currently... Front End Libraries Certification (300 hours)
  • Currently... Data Visualization Certification (300 hours)
  • Currently... Apis And Microservices Certification (300 hours)
  • Currently... Information Security And Quality Assurance (300 hours)
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UNED-HUAWEI Cloud computing and Big Data (University Course - November 2016)

The course is equivalent to the Oficial Huawei certification in Cloud Computing - HCNA-Cloud-BCCP Building Cloud Computing Platform.

  • Big Data. Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization Technology
  • Huawei Cloud Computing Solution & Hardware
  • Fusion Compute, Manager, Access and Insight
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